10 Best Sources of Information for Architects

Every profession has its list of trade journals and other news sources, and architecture is no different. If you’re looking for inspiration or just want to keep up with changing trends, here are some great sources — some well-known, some a little more off the beaten path:

1. Architectural Record

More than 110 years old, the Architectural Record has a well-earned spot on many architects’ bookshelves. Packed with everything from trends and design inspiration to business strategies, this magazine covers everything an architect needs to stay up-to-date.

2. Architectural Digest

Aimed toward more of a layperson audience, Architectural Digest contains more lifestyle features than the industry-focused Record. Still, it’s a great source of current design trends in the residential market, along with projects and ideas from top architects and designers in the field. It’s also a great source of design inspiration.

3. ENR

A go-to source in the industry, Engineering News-Record covers news, trends, government issues affecting architecture and construction professionals, and business management. Featuring both a print version and a website loaded with premium content, this one’s a no-miss.

4. The Architect’s Newspaper

Another essential information provider for architects, The Architect’s Newspaper delivers news and inside reports. With an intimate understanding of the interests and business of architects, this paper delivers no-fluff reporting and criticism on the latest projects and trends.

5. Design Boom

If you’re looking for the best digital magazine for architects, Design Boom is worth checking out. Founded in 1999, this online magazine delivers the latest news and key issues for everyone from young creatives to established professionals.

6. eVolo

eVolo presents news about technological advances, sustainability, and innovative design. A great source of new ideas and inspiration, this magazine reports on new, unusual, and experimental ideas coming out of schools and professional studios, along with designs being implemented in real-world projects.

7. Azure

Focused on contemporary architecture and design, Azure provides an international perspective. From interviews and profiles of leading architects around the world to news about cutting-edge advancements and green building innovation, Azure has you covered.

8. Building Design

While it recently ended its print version, UK-based Building Design lives on in an engaging and informative digital edition. Known for its tabloid-style, almost gossipy reporting, and in-depth critiques, this weekly magazine is another staple for many architects.

9. A Daily Dose of Architecture

More inspirational than a source of industry news, A Daily Dose of Architecture delivers on its name, with almost daily photos of some of the best new buildings in New York.

10. Dezeen Magazine

An award-winning source for the best architectural, design, and interior projects from around the world, Dezeen Magazine launched in 2006 and already boasts nearly 2 million monthly readers. It started out as a simple blog site, and has grown into a full-fledged online magazine that delivers some great inspiration for architects, designers, and anyone interested in the field.


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