3 of the Biggest Construction Projects You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Some construction projects get so much international press coverage that almost everyone has heard about them. Everyone knows about Burj Khalifa and the World Trade Center, and rightly so – one’s the tallest in the world and the other is the tallest in the Western Hemisphere. But there are a lot of other impressive projects around the world, definitely deserving of more attention than they get. We’ve narrowed it down to 3 of the biggest construction projects you definitely should know about.

South Korea – Busan Lotte Town Tower

Here’s an interesting fact: Of South Korea’s 53 tallest skyscrapers, nearly 50% of them have been built since 2010. That’s around 25 skyscrapers in the last 5+ years, and there are no signs of slowing down. The project currently getting the most attention is the Busan Lotte Town Tower, a building that will be the world’s 10th tallest when it’s completed in 2020. The project has been reportedly delayed due to budget problems, but is rumored to be getting back on track. We’re also keeping an eye on Infinity Tower – a skyscraper that won’t be famous because it’ll be the world’s 8th tallest, but because it will be ‘invisible.’

Russia – Crystal Island

Fast forward to 1:23 to see Crystal Island

Still in the planning phases, Crystal Island will become the world’s largest structure (in floor space) in the world. Upon completion, this mixed-use structure will be a city within a building, housing residential space, a hotel, a school, a performance space and more. The design also calls for almost 100% clean energy, using wind-turbines and solar panels along with a breathable ‘second-skin’ that will naturally regulate the interior temperature.

Holland – The Citadel

The Dutch have taken a progressive approach to the country’s constant threat of flooding. While they’ve got some of the best dams and infrastructure systems in place to handle flooding, the Citadel takes it a step further. This residential building is the world’s first floating apartment complex. The complex floats on top of a lake, and is connected to the mainland using a floating bridge. The Dutch have been fighting the tides for so long, this is a step in accepting how to live with/on the water.


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