3 Ways Construction Companies Can Make Money Using Social Media

It’s no secret that construction is a little behind the curve when it comes to integrating new technologies and social media platforms into business operations. While we are seeing construction professionals finally starting to engage on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, many still don’t understand the business advantages offered by maintaining an online presence. Social communication for the construction industry is more important than ever before, and this lack of understanding can lead to missed opportunities and revenue.

The benefits of using social media as a communication tool are many, but for now let’s just focus on one element we know matters to absolutely every construction professional: Money. We’ve outlined 3 ways social media can make money for your business.

Increase Website Traffic

The information you’ve painstakingly put on your website is not worth anything if no one knows it’s there, but social media can help. Creating a profile and maintaining activity on social media platforms boosts the online searchability of your company and helps expand your web presence. The only cost of maintaining this presence is time. Your time is of course very valuable, but consider this – you are losing money if potential customers find another company’s website because that company shows up first in online search engines and is engaging people and businesses via social media while you’re not. All social media platforms allow you to direct visitors to your website, and as you build communities on various social media platforms, many of your connections will visit your website and hopefully be interested in your business.

Free Advertising

Paid advertisements and mailers can have great results, but they are expensive. Sites like Facebook and Twitter give you exposure to a large community, and they even encourage your community to advertise for you via sharing and retweeting. Although you shouldn’t use social media to talk about your company 100% of the time, it’s a great space to let people and businesses know about new products, awards or changes in your company – for free.

Community Building

You can’t really put a dollar amount on the value of word-of-mouth, but it has always been a crucial element of building any construction company’s business. Social media platforms allow you to take word-of-mouth a step further by allowing new, existing and potential customers to engage with you and each other. If your company does a great job for a person or another business, it’s likely that person or business will share the experience on social media- especially if you ask them to. This becomes a personal reference for everyone that sees it…and that can be a lot of people! Your name will float to the top when they need the services you offer.

Now that you see how social media can help you make money, your next step would be to consider a social media strategy. Here is a brief outline for creating a simple and effective social media plan, and here is a great layout of the questions to ask before launching, along with an overview of how to effectively use various social media platforms.


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