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It’s hard to keep up on industry news and get outside perspective on ways to build better when your hands are often full. Sure, you could listen to a book on tape, but another, more dynamic option is a construction podcast. A podcast can deliver entertainment, industry news, tips and tricks…or any combination of all of those things. Here are a few good options out there:

1. Ace on the House

With Adam Carolla on co-hosting duty, you know Ace on the House is going to be full of snark and humor. Along with his co-host Ray Oldhafer, Adam dishes up some DIY tips for homeowners. The podcast has covered drop ceilings, bathtubs and showers, sanding wood floors, and just about everything in between. And even if you don’t learn anything new from these guys, you should at least get a few laughs along the way.

2. Construction Industry Podcast with Cesar Abeid

The Construction Industry Podcast gives construction professionals tons of helpful advice on just about all aspects of running a construction business. While it’s updated infrequently (the last episode was in July 2014), this podcast’s archive is available on iTunes, and it’s worth a listen. Podcast topics include how to write a winning proposal, successful change management, and construction safety 101. Host Cesar Abeid often brings on industry experts for interviews, enhancing the value of his show.

3. Construction Citizen Podcast

Available only on the Construction Citizen website, this podcast delivers quick, weekly bites of industry news and interviews with host Scott Braddock. Each episode is just a few minutes long, which makes it a great listen while you’re between tasks or on a short break. Recent episodes have covered women in construction, wage theft, and getting new workers interested in the skilled trades.

4. American Institute of Steel Construction Podcast

Another podcast full of good interviews and industry news (geared toward a steel audience), the AISC series covers a lot of ground. While this podcast is updated infrequently, the archives available on their website provide insight into design advances, career building, work-life balance, and more.

5. Entrepreneur Architect

Full of interesting goodies and aimed at smaller firms, the Entrepreneur Architect is a podcast hosted by Mark R. LePage. The podcast covers everything from small firm partnerships, to an interview with the president of the American Institute of Architecture Students, to rules for successful leadership.

6. The Contracting Coach

This one in from Building Better reader Anthony Booth. The Contracting Coach provides “daily knowledge and tips to start growing your successful contracting business.” Check it out here.

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