Automate Your Daily Reports with Fieldlens to Save Time

We all know that daily reports can be time-consuming and tedious, but they have to get done to stay on track in a project. Daily reports act as living records of field notes that consist of work completed, weather conditions, tracking materials, plans and specs, and more. They keep the project management team informed of project progress and can potentially save stakeholders time and money.

Daily reporting shouldn’t cost you significant time; it should only take a few minutes to complete. Field management software like Fieldlens creates a project hub where construction teams can join the conversation and collaborate in real-time, on or off the jobsite. The field management software automatically creates and sends a daily report summarizing project progress at the end of each day.

Why Fieldlens’ Automatic Daily Reports Are Efficient

Typically, people spend several hours each day or each week trying to obtain all of the information needed to produce a daily report. In construction, paperwork gets messy because you can lose documents just as fast as they’re created.

However, with Fieldlens, the daily report automatically generates a PDF from the day’s work. You will receive an email after its creation, and you can add others to the email who also need the daily report.

To make things easier, all of this is set by the project administrator.

“Fieldlens allows everyone to be up to speed with everything that is happening in the field. Reporting is extremely easy, which is a big plus.”

Scott F., Operations Manager

What Does the Daily Report Look Like and is it Really that Easy?

Simply put, yes. Daily reports are extremely easy to do in Fieldlens. 

Using the drop-down list, you can select Daily Reports to begin the creation process. Here you can schedule the report to run automatically by customizing the drop down menus and selecting “schedule to daily” and “weekdays.” You can also customize the time it is sent out and when you would like the automatic daily reports to start.

Entering information into Fieldlens is made to be easy. So it’s a no-brainer that exporting the report is made easy as well.

The report will show all communication that has happened that day, the ability to view drawings, pictures with markups, and details of what occurred throughout the day.

Benefits to Using Fieldlens Daily Reporting

Fieldlens makes life easier by streamlining your workflows so you can save time and money in the field.

With our jobsite management software there’s no need for physical materials and resources, you have increased availability and accessibility, receive real-time updates, and have top-notch organization.

To learn more about Fieldlens, be sure to visit and get started with the software using our 15-day free trial!


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