BDM Improves their Project Management Efficiency by Using RedTeam.

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Saving time and being more efficient in day-to-day tasks is key to running a well-run business. With RedTeam, BDM has every opportunity to grow and be more efficient.

BDM Construction, Inc. joined the RedTeam family to enhance their project management processes and operations by increasing their team’s productivity and streamline all stages of a project. Located in Orlando, FL, they have built their business on an impeccable reputation for honesty and quality by performing general contracting and construction management services for a list of clients that have come to rely on BDM as a trusted partner in the industry.

David Aurelio, President of BDM Construction, Inc. shares that they are in their third year of using RedTeam. However, before starting BDM, David had used RedTeam for over 15 years with prior companies. When asked how his first experience with RedTeam was, David responded, “I was given the opportunity to beta test RedTeam, and have been hooked since.”

Features most appreciated by David and his team include daily reporting, submittal process, RFI tracking, the collaborative console, and the smooth integration with Intuit QuickBooks Online. According to David, “Currently, I have a customer that utilizes the collaborative console within the contracts and documents in RedTeam. This has been a huge time saver for us and eliminated unnecessary phone calls and meetings.”

“I think that RedTeam is the best solution for GC’s that offers the best value in the market.”
-David Aurelio, President

RedTeam’s construction project management software makes it easy for general contractors to effectively manage projects with all documentation and costs for maximizing profitability and delivering a fantastic owner experience. RedTeam provides a fully-featured construction project management solution at a price any contractor can afford, backed by people with real-world experience and committed to helping your team succeed in every way.

Saving time and being more efficient in day-to-day tasks is key to running a well-run business. With RedTeam, BDM has every opportunity to grow and be more efficient. As David put it, “The efficiency of RedTeam has allowed me to minimize the number of employees, therefore giving me the opportunity to manage more elements of my day to day tasks.”

With the help of RedTeam, BDM has optimized the day-to-day management of their projects. They are able to identify key tasks, all while being provided an unseen level of transparency with streamlined collaboration benefiting every party involved.

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