Bridging the Communication Gap Between Field and Office

The flow of information between the jobsite and office is critical to a project, and any barriers in communication create unwanted and avoidable stressors. When teams are working in silos, errors are bound to happen, and the blame is often passed around to different departments creating internal conflict. This breakdown of communication can significantly delay a project and hinders your business as a whole.

35% of construction professionals’ time is spent (over 14 hours per week) on non-productive activities, including looking for project information, conflict resolution, and dealing with mistakes and rework.

Contractors are continually looking for new ways to hurdle communication barriers, and implementing a cloud-based project management platform, such as RedTeam, has been a successful method with 75% of construction companies using cloud storage. With RedTeam’s comprehensive platform, you can create a culture of collaboration and enhance your business’s overall productivity.

How does RedTeam support field management?

RedTeam’s FieldShare™ mobile application allows users to seamlessly connect their jobsite and office by putting the power of collaboration in the hands of each employee. The app enables users to create Requests for Information (RFI’s), Progress Reports, Punch Lists, and Expenses from RedTeams point-and-click functionality. Employees can also access all third-parties in the project’s address book directly and can log time straight from the app.

Progress Reporting

According to JBKnowledge’s 5th Annual Construction Technology Report, nearly 50% of the construction professionals surveyed manually prepare and process daily reports. Manual progress reporting has always been a dominant method in the industry, but without investing the time for accurate and timely reporting, the information will provide little insight. Think of this process like brushing your teeth. You make sure to do it every day once you have experienced a cavity. Instead, you should be preemptive and avoid the cavity altogether. 

With the RedTeam FieldShare™ app, users can create their daily progress reports straight from their mobile devices. Users can include photos from the site, make notes for observations, manage vendor tracking, and include the weather conditions for the day. Having a comprehensive field management solution ensures that the team in the field and the team in the office are all on the same page and have one clear channel for communication.

Employee Time & Expenses

How many times has your company accountant complained about employees not turning in their timesheets, putting expenses on the company card and not keeping the receipt, or handing over a crumpled, faded, and illegible receipt? With the proper field management solution, your accountant can provide better financial reporting and give you a deep insight into the financial health of your organization. 

Using the FieldShare™ app, employees can enter their hours as an indirect/direct labor category, assign cost codes, and include a worker’s comp code. The time can then be captured as either overhead or for a specific project, scope, labor authorization, or labor category. For expense reporting, employees can upload photos of receipts and select the credit card used for the purchase. 

Plans & Specs

Change is a constant in the industry, and if your teams cannot receive real-time updates to plans and specs, it can affect the project’s workflow and create costly mistakes. Because of this, it is important to have critical documentation readily available and to allow users to be able to edit and comment on any changes or issues.   

Through RedTeam, users can access all current versions of plans and specifications. With FieldShare™, employees can zoom in on plans to share any new details.

The Keys to Successful Mobile App Adoption

For mobile technology to be adopted, it requires both convenience and intuitive usage. Any friction will lower the adoption rate and reduce the value that it can create for your business. When reviewing the different options in the marketplace, it is important to take time and research what the different platforms have to offer and select the option that best aligns with the goals of your business. 

As cloud-based technology becomes more widespread, seamless communication between the field and office becomes a reality. By increasing collaboration among team members, you save time, reduce errors, and improve project efficiency. 


RedTeam’s project management platform is built from hands-on experience to assist contractors in facing the challenges of commercial construction. With an emphasis on document control and collaboration, RedTeam arms your employees with the right information at the right time to mitigate risk so you can build with confidence.


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