EPISODE 1: Learning Key Lessons from Dan Hammons, Director of Business Development.

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In this first episode of BuilderChat, our host Chelsea Sykes sat down with Dan Hammons, Director of Business Development of T&G Constructors. Dan has been with T&G for five years, traveling all around Florida building relationships with potential clients, owners, architects, interior designers and decision-makers that will give them the right opportunities, whether it’s a hard bid or a negotiated contract.

Dan Hammons, shares that some of the biggest challenges he faces are time management and filling the funnel for T&G Constructors. “One of the biggest challenges is trying to find the right job, the right opportunity, and the right people that will give us repeat work and understand the value a good contractor can bring to the equation,’’ says Dan.

After being in the industry for 18+ years, Dan Hammons shares valuable advice for other industry leaders to consider: “Never burn bridges, be friends with everybody.”

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