EPISODE 5: Managing Job Sites with Shawn Andrews.

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In this episode of BuilderChat, we sat with Shawn Andrews, Director of Operations at Mellick Construction. He began working for this company because, as Shawn says, “It’s a place that good people gravitate to, and great people stay.” As the Director of Operations, some of the typical tasks he has are to setup tracking mechanisms to make sure the business is profitable, hitting their quarterly goals, and to keep track of subcontractors on the job sites.

On the subject of construction and software, he chose to use RedTeam as Mellick’s construction project management software. Shawn uses RedTeam to view project reports, making sure all of the work is being done in an efficient manner. He also uses the program to send out reports and comments to the subcontractors, all without having to go out to the site in person. To learn more about what Shawn said in our podcast, watch the full episode below.

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