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RedTeam is a construction management platform designed to improve productivity and efficiency by managing leads and tracking interactions to help improve customer relationships. Monitor all of your upcoming projects on the RedTeam calendar and convert them without losing any information once you are ready to prepare a bid.

Manage campaigns, opportunities, and interactions with key contacts to help you secure more work and convert opportunities to projects when you’re ready to prepare a bid. Use the calendar feature to schedule business development events, including calls, meetings, and presentations.


Within RedTeam, you can handle all aspects of business development. Track your interactions with potential upcoming projects so you can click convert them once you are ready to prepare a bid. Record all related events with the opportunity and access your team’s experience with the account to build a stronger customer relationship.


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“This software provides many efficiencies across all departments of our business. We are able to unify reporting and budgeting so that every project is done the same way. We have been able to improve our processes and procedures to be more productive and profitable.”


Controller, Landsouth Construction



Manage an unlimited number of opportunities within RedTeam and compare your competitive score with peer contractors. Use our opportunity management reporting tool to be more aggressive within any upcoming opportunities.

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RedTeam Cares is a community where we celebrate the impact construction companies have in their community. We would love to highlight the non-profit work your business conducts.


Bringing industry experts together to dive into their challenges and experiences. Gain insight into critical learning tips and learn how to manage aspects of the construction industry!

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