Collaborative Console & Metadata Tracking

Document Collaboration at Your Fingertips.

Create, Negotiate, and Control Project Documentation Online

RedTeam’s unique approach to creating, negotiating, and controlling project communications online streamlines collaboration and captures a complete and unimpeachable record of project documents, commentary, and associated metadata along the way. With RedTeam’s collaborative console work remotely from anywhere and share documents with anyone working on the project to have a history of every interchange. 

Collaborative console

RedTeam’s Collaborative Console allows you to easily invite outside parties to collaborate without the need to create an account for them. Each interaction within the collaborative console ties directly to the document that is shared. All collaborators are tracked and time-stamped with any changes, edits, or comments. Work remote while still having every team member present.



RedTeam tracks all metadata between parties sharing documents, which allows you to track when a report sends out and when it has been opened, clicked, printed, or responded to. Each party line that gets sent a document will have its metadata path to backtrack for accurate tracking.

A Fully Integrated Platform

The main component that RedTeam strives to be the best at is complete contract formation fully integrated into the platform. This comes along with metadata tracking for all documents and contracts. There is also no need for collaborators to have their own login information.

RedTeam has always been committed to providing the best value in the industry. By offering concurrent license pricing, as well as, single license options our clients maintain a high level of control over the investment they make each year to maintain the best-in-class cloud-based project management platform. Our aggressive pricing is possible based on our careful capital management and well-managed expenses on marketing and office infrastructure.

Everything is Included

At RedTeam we don’t nickel and dime you with modules. You get to use all of our platform, from day one.


Fair and transparent pricing is our philosophy. We understand each business is different so we offer different pricing structures.


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