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Construction contract management is managing contracts that are made as part of the delivery of a built asset. It involves creating, analyzing, and executing contracts by the parties to ensure operational and financial performance is maximized and risks are minimized.

Our robust cloud-based construction software allows you to manage preconstruction, projects, financials, business development, and jobsite management, all within one secure location. We made sure to create an entire section designed specifically for construction contract management to allow users to manage customer contracts, vendor commitments, lien law claims, labor authorization, and expense authorization.

We understand that managing customer relationships can be hard, especially in the construction industry. That’s why we developed a construction CRM platform to seamlessly manage your interactions. Construction contract management shouldn’t be hard. Here’s how RedTeam simplifies the process for you.

Construction Contract Management Simplified

Our construction software provides a centralized, secure location to handle all of your projects with the top construction software integrations seamlessly on and off a jobsite. When you first log in to the software, you can access all of your information organized into menu categories. Categories listed are Dashboard, Employees, Equipment, Companies, Contacts, Opportunities, Projects, and Transactions.

When you access the project menu, all of your past and current projects will be displayed. Clicking on the home button acts as a shortcut to choose all of the features of RedTeam. Under the “contracts” section you can jump straight to customer contracts.

The construction contract management tab becomes displayed as a full screen or can be minimized so you can look up other relevant project information.

Our construction software solves two critical issues in construction contract management. The first is accountability. Knowing the status of contracts for multiple projects is critical to the project workflow. Now you can keep a traceable paper trail without the paper.

The second is mitigating risk. Having a full picture of the project’s scope and how contracts are being managed helps minimize the risk of errors, lost information, and broken communication which are major points in the construction process.

With our software all of the contracts are stored as an attachment that everyone has access and visibility from anywhere at all times. Normally contracts are produced as physical copies and are stored in places other team members don’t have access to or get lost. Automatically, RedTeam increases the efficiency of collaboration between team members.

Not only does RedTeam store the original contract, it also shows changes made and who made them so you can keep track and stay updated on new contract value in real-time.

Long gone are the days of pulling the reports to find the most updated contract and making sure it’s accurate. Now you simply log in to our project management platform and check with the click of a button.

Built By Contractors For Contractors

RedTeam is a construction management software built from hands-on experience to help contractors face the day-to-day challenges of commercial construction. Everything from document control to team collaboration to help you seamlessly manage your projects on-and-off the field.

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