Construction Daily Reporting Through the Years


Remember the days when it was always “Sunny and 60” because your super hated doing their daily report so much they recycled the same one over and over? It was pretty funny — until a dispute came up.

You would assume—not unreasonably, at all—that things would have changed significantly in the way a super or foreman would do their reporting from the days of the superintendents’ office in  Laramie City, 1867 …


…to the mean streets of New York in the late 1970s.

But all that really changed was the pen:




And then came the triplicate log books. How good the super or foreman’s handwriting was mattered a lot more than it ever should (both for anyone reading it, and for the person trying to read regurgitate what they wrote earlier that day). Plus, wasn’t it fun trying to reference a specific item from those reports later when they were filed away in a manilla envelope, in a banker’s box?


Then, the industry got to an online form. It made sense that you could finally give your pens a rest, but since the forms were only on your computer, you couldn’t do anything but transfer notes into that online form at the end of the day when your wife was reminding you not to be late for your daughter’s soccer game. Again.

Finally there’s a way to do daily reporting once, in the field—from your mobile device—where all your work belongs. Yes, with FieldLens (hear the angels singing?). And if you’re nostalgic for the days of pen and paper, we get it. But we’re pretty sure you’d rather make it to the game.

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NYC image via BronxRiverSankofa

Laramie City image via


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