When Construction and Engineering Come Together for Art

Construction and art come together in a spectacular feat of engineering for South Korean artist Do Ho Suh’s installation “Fallen Star,” recently pictured on Apartment Therapy. Part of the University of California, San Diego’s Stuart Collection, this home is indeed hanging off a seven-story building and can be seen anywhere from campus.

Designed to look like a New England-style home, the structure appears as if it could topple over at any moment. Yes – it’s art. Yes – it’s meant to question our understanding of reality. But thanks to the engineers that worked with Suh for years, it’s also safe and perfectly livable (that is, livable as long as you’re not prone to bouts of vertigo). In fact you can go visit the home and walk around inside.

This marriage of art and construction twists and bends the mind’s understanding of what is possible. According to Suh: “When you see a fallen star, it means that it fell from the sky from a different universe,” he explains. “It’s something that’s very out of context.”


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