The Heart of Effective Jobsite Management

Field collaboration in construction is essential for fostering a productive, safe and positive work environment for all teams to perform within. However, it can be challenging to reach long-term goals efficiently and effectively with many stakeholders working together. Miscommunication, unresponsiveness, and lack of transparency on construction projects result in delays, contract disputes, and decreased productivity. Understandably, strong communications enhance collaboration delivering efficiencies and increased profitability.

When collaboration is strong, team members pool their resources and knowledge and prioritize meeting shared goals dictated by the timeline and budget of the entire process rather than their own goals. So why is it hard to foster collaboration and manage a jobsite?

What is Construction Field Management?

Construction field management is the art of managing and reacting to all the moving parts of a construction project, including workforce, resources, and corresponding tasks. It’s critical to having successful and quality projects because it connects all team members through communication and collaboration.

Construction field management should streamline updates from the bottom up, allowing all parties to be in the loop. In other words, effective construction field management is based on communication of the updated progress of each individual’s tasks. 

Many elements make up construction field management, but four core elements quickly summarize its primary purposes.

Seamless communication between all parties.

A primary communications challenge on construction projects involves the resolution of mistakes and accidents. Inability to admit mistakes or responsibility for accidents can cause communications to become defensive and distracted. Communication is needed to prevent rework and mishaps; it keeps all stakeholders up-to-date on every aspect of the project.

Identifying and strategizing project goals.

Because projects require multiple parties to work on them, often, the mindset is to reach individual goals rather than the group’s goals. This mindset creates a lack of transparency, delayed completion, and errors. Having detailed documentation for all team members that identifies and strategizes project goals will increase productivity and ensure quality and success.

Knowing where to store and access all equipment.

Construction materials are expensive. From the actual machinery and tools to the materials from vendors, keeping all of them safe where only team members can access them is crucial to ensuring secure construction field management.


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Managing the entire construction contract process.

We all know we have to go through a lot before the actual building phase. Ensuring that preconstruction (planning and estimating), project management, procurement, and design are ready to go before officially starting the construction is key to successful construction field management.

By breaking down communication barriers and fostering field collaboration, construction field management can reduce errors and concentrate on the important tasks instead of chasing information around the jobsite.

How Does Collaboration Help Construction Field Management?

Collaboration, at its core, means teams are working together to achieve a common goal. In construction, the “team” consists of team members, project managers, GCs, subcontractors, foremen, architects, engineers, and more. The “common goal” is the project goal. Collaboration at its strongest allows the team to pull their resources and knowledge together to prioritize and meet a project’s goal(s) rather than their individual goal(s).

There are many moving parts in the construction industry between the owner, the subcontractor(s), the general contractor(s), the design team, the field team, and rental companies. Thus, many people are involved in the project management process that needs coordination to ensure a smooth workflow.

According to a McKinsey & Company report, broken communication is one of the most essential factors of rework in construction. It can consume between 7% to 15% of the total budget for new construction. In the same report, during the last five decades, productivity in construction declined by 0.3% on average yearly.

There are solutions to increase productivity, efficiency, quality, and success in construction projects. They’re called communication and collaboration. Collaboration in construction field management relies on the field teams’ ability to communicate and collaborate to ensure a seamless project workflow effectively. Here are three ways to improve collaboration in the field.

Implement construction collaboration software.

It’s no secret that construction loves to use Excel spreadsheets, email threads, and paper documentation. However, all of these tools simply aren’t enough for managing construction projects. Why? Because they don’t offer entire field and office visibility in real-time. Field management needs to provide constant updates between each other and the office team. Construction collaboration software does just that. Rather than waste time searching for critical information, all documentation is available through the cloud-based software with just a click of a button.

Improve project workflows using data from the field.

Collecting data from the field can be valuable to standardizing project workflows for field and office teams for future projects. Improving your current project workflows based on data from the field can create a dynamic collaboration environment for all stakeholders working on a project.

Set specific tasks with goals, milestones and establish communication standards.

Establishing communication standards is the first thing you should do to ensure that information is shared and received effectively. Field teams have many people involved in the construction process. Everyone should know which task they are responsible for, and workflows should be set up to where each additional person involved knows the next chain of command.

Successful collaboration is demonstrated through streamlined workflows, each team member knowing their role and effective communication. Most importantly, collaborative construction builds trust, is comfortable, inclusive, has clear roles and responsibilities, and high-quality communication. What roles are in construction field management? How do they interact with one another?

The Roles in Field Management and How They Rely on Each Other.


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Construction deals with many people working on the same project. Each person has a specific job with specific tasks assigned to them. Determining who focuses on the project’s goals and how to achieve them together relies on communication and collaboration. Here are some essential roles in field management and how they interact with each other.

Project Manager

Project managers oversee the planning and delivery of construction projects from beginning to end. They ensure that work is completed on time and within budget. They organize logistics, delegate work, and keep track of spending. Project managers are responsible for supervising field teams and managing the jobsite. They have to work with all parties involved, maintain relationships, and provide updates for other team members by communicating with the superintendent.


Superintendents are the go-to individual on the jobsite. While project managers are essentially part of the administrative staff, superintendents are much more in touch with day-to-day activities and are more closely involved with the construction crew. They are responsible for the overall safety, schedule, quality, and tasks of each project to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget, all while relaying information to the project manager.


Foreman’s ensure that everything runs smoothly on the jobsite by keeping close contact with construction workers in their respective fields. They are responsible for coordinating tasks for the day, creating schedules for workers, overseeing the site’s quality, and managing the budget. They act as the point of contact between the construction workers and supervisors. They also report project progress to supervisors.

Daily Reporting

While not an individual role in field management, daily reporting is a significant, essential process for projects. Daily reporting keeps projects on track, protects construction companies from litigation and disputes, and acts as communication for all stakeholders working on the project. Daily reports contain work logs, project information, weather forecasts, photographs, notes/concerns, site safety, and surveys.

With many parts working together, it’s important to know their roles and why they matter to help improve the construction field management process.

2 Ways to Improve Field Management.

Communication between the project manager, superintendent, and subcontractor(s) is vital for successful construction field management. This is easier said than done. We all know that crucial information can get lost, misinterpreted, and even forgotten. So how can these factors be improved?

Use Construction Field Management Software.

With many different parties of interest working on one project, it is no surprise that some things could get lost in the process. Adopting the right technology platform that can handle mobile field operations will help you get maximum business efficiency. Using such solutions helps to prevent errors with project data capturing and allows for seamless communication between stakeholders. This results in better workflow and increased productivity and efficiency within projects.

Implementing Project Workflows For Each Stage.

Having clear defined workflows for each project stage makes it easier for teams to finish on schedule and within budget. The clearer the tasks and responsibilities are, and everyone understands the defined processes, the better the project.

Fieldlens by RedTeam is the Best Value in Construction Field Management.

Fieldlens is a jobsite collaboration app for construction teams that digitizes jobsite management so the entire team can always stay connected and in the conversation from anywhere.

Notes jotted in the margins of a blueprint, post-its around the jobsite, an informal chat among team members – this is how construction teams typically communicate. Unfortunately, using scribbled notes to convey critical updates and info leads to confusion, mistakes, and rework.

Fieldlens solves this by creating a project hub where construction teams can join the conversation and collaborate in real-time, on or off the jobsite.

Our app focuses on three core elements of field management: documentation, real-time information, and field data. Features include photo and plan markup, messaging and notifications, and automation and documentation.


Fieldlens’ point and click functionality allows you to capture images from the jobsite and send them straight to the office, anywhere and anytime. Our cloud-based software turns your physical papers into digital copies so you can work on the go and with your team.

Our jobsite management software provides alerts and notifications to ensure accuracy between each team member, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

With features like digital blueprints, photo & plan markup tools, and messaging/alerts, Fieldlens ensures that everyone gets the right information to the right people at the right time without missing any important updates.


Fieldlens lets you send messages for seamless communication, receive notifications on tasks and essential updates, and get alerts whenever an update, status change, or report is needed. Real-time information means less confusion, mistakes, and rework.

Our construction field management software helps you focus on what matters by providing one-tap access to your priorities. You can also save time and produce quality work with Fieldlens’ accurate, real-time project reporting!

Productivity & Safety

The productivity and safety features allow you to create punch lists, receive automatic daily logs, and input weather tracking to ensure the accuracy and completion of your project(s) workflow.

Fieldlens lets you connect everyone in real-time, addressing issues before they become problems. Our field management software helps your company stay efficient and productive while ensuring safety within the field.

Analysis Reporting

Fieldlens’ user-friendly mobile interface allows users to record accurate reports and analytics from projects on the go!

With the automated summary and data integration features, you can track and sync your documents within one location, keeping your data secure and sharable.

Inside of Fieldlens, we will automatically generate a PDF from the day’s work. An email is automatically sent to all parties that must be notified set by the project administrator.

Construction projects are complex. On-time, on-budget completion takes a high degree of coordination and communication of many moving parts and people. 

Yet, many construction teams rely on workplace chatter, post-it notes, and scribbles on the blueprints to pass along critical project information and updates. Relying on disorganized methods of communication leads to confusion, mistakes, delays, and even safety risks.

Fieldlens fixes this by providing a centralized digital hub to organize project-related information. Every team member – from foreman to general contractor – can collaborate on projects in real-time.

Check out the best value in the market for jobsite management today!


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