Building Dialogue: 3 Construction Industry LinkedIn Groups


Finding and deciding which construction industry LinkedIn Groups to join can be overwhelming. Get started by joining these three high-quality open-enrollment groups:

Commercial Construction Professionals

  • Group description:

“A resource for industry professionals to stay up to date on the latest industry news, trends and resources.”

  • Why you should join:

This group delivers on its ambitious goals, providing a one-stop-shop for everything from timely industry news updates to thought-provoking editorials.

BIM Experts

  • Group description:

“To exchange information, best practices, job listings, and professional contacts.”

  • Why you should join:

BIM Experts specializes in informed discussion of complex technical issues. The group’s members appear dedicated to learning together by listening to others and sharing their own expertise.

Construction Management

  • Group description:

“A group about professionals in the construction industry.”

  • Why you should join:

Despite its modest self-description, this 120,000 member-strong group provides a wealth of information about almost any topic you can think of related to construction. The group’s size makes its internal search engine extremely powerful, making it easy to pinpoint the content relevant to your organization.

As with any professional organization or social media outlet, you get out what you put in to LinkedIn Groups. Read the group’s participation rules, see what other members have to say, and contribute to the conversation. Finally, make sure to read LinkedIn’s Guide to group emails to stay on top of group activities without flooding your inbox.

What industry-related LinkedIn Groups do you recommend? Keep the conversation going by sharing your thoughts with us on Twitter!

Illustration © Jesusanz/BigStock


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