Experience Real-Time Project Information with Project Management Software in the Cloud.

RedTeam offers the most comprehensive commercial construction platform for the industry. RedTeam’s customers can manage all aspects of their construction businesses including Business Development, Preconstruction, Project Management, Scheduling, Field Management, and Cost Control. Project teams use RedTeam to communicate and collaborate online, by creating and sharing contract documents, posting updates, uploading photos, and monitoring performance.

Project Management Software that scales at a price every contractor can afford.

Project management software is an important ingredient to every contractor’s success. With so many construction software apps on the market today, data is spread everywhere and difficult for contractors to get their arms around the issue.

With RedTeam, contractors benefit by having a centralized system that contains a full suite of project management software. In addition to great project management software, harness the power of powerful construction financials with incredible product depth to handle simple to the most complex project requirements.

Take a look at RedTeam to discover why so many construction companies are rethinking their project management software strategy.


Business Development

Track opportunities for projects, record all interactions with potential clients, and schedule event reminders in the calendar.


Define the scope of your project by organizing contract documents, estimating costs, qualifying subcontractors, soliciting quotes, and selecting best quotes to finalize pricing for your proposals.

Project Management

Achieve your goals by planning and organizing the full scope of your projects in an efficient time sensitive manner.

Safety & Quality Metrics

Define Safety and Quality criteria by customizing observation categories to communicate performance expectations and mitigate risk.

Cost Control

Manage your budget, route invoices for approval and manage employee time and expenses.


Extensive billing options to satisfy your customers, including progress against schedule of values, cost plus, time and materials, and generic commercial invoicing.

Field Management

Create daily progress reports in the field, approve punch list items, and capture progress photos from the job site. 

Price Protection.

Imagine having a partner who is as concerned about your long-term project management software strategy as you? With RedTeam, each customer gets a Price Protection to ensure you know your pricing from the day you buy. This provides contractors with a predictable cost structure and helps them realize an efficient return on their investment.

With the extensive project management software included with RedTeam, you can rest assured that we are never coming back to ding our customers for more profit. Many software firms don’t operate this way, and that is what our customers have shared they have grown tired of. Finally, you’ve got a partner on your side and one that wants to be there by your side for a lifetime.

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