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When you get started on RedTeam you need access to detailed resources to help you quickly get the value out of your investment. We have designed multiple sources of information through our online wikis and access to webinar recording by topic.

Within RedTeam you can access our RedTeam University, an online video curriculum you can access at any time. Test your knowledge and create a record of your training progress.

These videos can be sorted but subject matter or even by role. As the admin of RedTeam, you are also able to check on the progress of every employee.

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Change Order Proposals based on Negotiated Unit Prices and Markups

RedTeam users can easily attach and include the previously established unit prices on every change proposal so there is no question or confusion as to where your pricing is coming from. The expectations for pricing have already been established so that they can easily reference this list on every complete change proposal in a timely and easy manner.

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Preliminary Notices & Lien Waiver Tacking, Including Sub-Tier Claimants

Tracking lien waivers and other lien law documents is often an involved, multistep process between storing documents, tracking dates and ensuring the latest waivers are on file for both your subcontractors and sub-tier claimants prior to releasing payments. RedTeam not only offers a platform to upload and store these documents and their information but also gives you the tools that are integrated automatically with the vendor and sub-invoice approvals so that you always have the latest lien waiver dates and information at your fingertips before you ever release a payment.

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Cost Plus Construction Billing

Many construction project donors insist on getting backup documentation attached to monthly progress billing. RedTeam has a really cool feature called Cost Plus Billing that enables you to link your schedule of values to your job cost; including employee timesheet expenses and actual copies of sub-contractor applications for payment.

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Revenue Recognition

Some of the most popular features in RedTeam are found on the Budget tab. In addition to Click and Drill down into actual costs and open commitments, RedTeam enables you to estimate your estimated costs at complete, which is the basis for the percentage of completion revenue recognition. Real-time revenue recognition enables you to measure job profitability, cash flow, and working capital efficiency.

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Negotiated Cost Reporting

Negotiated cost reporting summarizes and shows your customer negotiated cost details in an easy to attach report on your proposals. It also allows you to include negotiated unit prices for even more transparency with your customer.

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Automatic Verification of Subcontractor Credentials

This week’s product highlight is on Automatic Verification of Subcontractor Credentials. RedTeam tracks subcontractors’ certificates of insurance and other credentials so that you can quickly verify their status as you issue subcontract agreements and approve their payments. You can also run reports to see whose credentials have expired or gone missing. Subcontractors can even upload their own credentials upon receiving a notification of payment from you.

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Real-Time WIP Schedule

By maintaining Project Budgets and tracking the estimated cost at complete, RedTeam can produce a Work in Progress schedule. This allows contractors to determine and compare their true earnings to Customer Billings, all in real time.

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Gantt Schedule and Periodic Schedule Updates

Create a Gantt schedule directly in RedTeam, or upload your MS Project schedule and continue to manage the schedule in a RedTeam Project. Publish these schedules at any time to make them immediately available for download in your Project’s Online Planroom.

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Over years of working with commercial general contractors, we have selected key partners to provide our clients with access to best in brand solutions.

Companies like PlanGrid, Autodesk, Levelset (formerly known as Zlien) and DocuSign offer ways to further streamline various workflows that are important to successful project delivery.

With PlanGrid and Autodesk BIM 360, you can publish plans for the field to collaborate on. With Zlien you can manage lien law claims, and then DocuSign helps you provide an electronic signature for your contracts.

We continue to grow our ecosystem and enhance these integrations every day as we are focused on providing our clients with best in class solutions.

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RedTeam Share

With RedTeam Share, our mobile application, all team members are able to capture detailed records of their work hours, by project, labor authorization, and by labor category.

You can also easily generate accurate expense reports with back up documentation by taking the picture of a receipt, describing the mode of payment, assigning it to a specific project or company overhead, and specifying the expense category.

The expenses submitted can be committed directly from any mobile device at any time. A major time saver for RedTeam users, not to mention the ease of use and accurate data!

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