The Easiest Mistake to Make When Introducing New Tech to your Construction Project Team

Let’s get right to the point. The easiest mistake to make when introducing new tech to your construction project team is forgetting that you need to provide your team with reasons why they should support your decision. It doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO, the boss, the manager, the big cheese or whatever your title might be – you are part of a team, and the backing of other people is crucial for you to meet success.

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You may be sitting there thinking you’d never forget about the importance of your team’s support, that you – better than anyone – knows that there is absolutely no ‘I’ in team. But have you ever been guilty of the following:

  1. Making a work-related decision you just know is the right decision without any input from anyone else?
  2. Saying something like ‘Try it. You’ll like it. Trust me.’ Without providing any additional info or context?
  3. When met with resistance to what you said in #2, develop a menacing look in your eye, clench your jaw and say ‘Just do it!’?
  4. Politely nodding and saying ‘I see your point’ to someone who disagrees with you while thinking ‘what an idiot’?
  5. Thinking ‘how will this help me?’ Instead of ‘How will this help my team?’

Truth is sometimes you may truly know best. The other person really might be an idiot. But it doesn’t matter because effective use of any new technology means you can’t work in a silo.

Introducing new construction tech to your project team, whether it’s a new app or a new device, requires a real understanding of your team’s needs in the field, their specific pain points, and what the barriers might be to adopting that new bit of technology. You may have done the research and gotten really excited about how this product is going to improve efficiency, but the final and most important step is to help your team understand the what, the why and the how behind your decision because they have to support it. If they don’t support it, they won’t use it.

The What

Clearly explain what this new technology is, what you’ve done to research how your peers in the construction industry are using it.

The Why

Why do you think introducing this new technology will be useful for your team? And why are you introducing it now? Knowing why goes a long way in getting your team onboard and helps them push through the momentary pain of trying to learn something new.

The How

Provide clear steps for how your team will be trained. Many of our clients find it useful to have a small, enthusiastic, tech-savvy test group pilot the product and then help with company-wide implementation once they’ve become very comfortable with it. In addition, let the non-tech enthusiasts know they will get all the help they want and need.

Taking the time to go through the what, the why and the how will go a long way in making sure you are able to follow through with company-wide adoption, and find the support you need to introduce construction related technology that will help your project team. We all know construction professionals deserve better tools in the field, but onboarding your team in the right way is essential to getting those tools into the hands that need them.


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