5 Valuable Resources for Severe Weather Construction Safety

Wherever you work—but especially if you do construction in a hurricane-prone area—you should be prepared to take action when severe weather threatens. Here are some resources with valuable tips on how to protect people and property in a dangerous storm.


The Calm Before the Storm: Construction Site Hurricane Protection

From Allianz insurance. This 33-page PDF explains the risks of hurricanes and how construction companies can mitigate damage. Beginning on page 8, there’s a series of helpful checklists for different scenarios, including watches, warnings, and recovery.


Hurricane Damage Prevention at Construction Sites

From Travelers insurance. Learn how to plan for high winds and flooding, and what to do during the 5 phases of a storm.


How to Prepare the Construction Site for Severe Storms

From Brooks-Waterburn insurance. This is one of the most thorough lists we could find, and includes advice that you should be doing on a regular basis anyway, even when there’s no threat of storms (like keeping the jobsite clean). One helpful note: If you’re a GC, remember to include subcontractors in your emergency planning.


Preparing Sites for Extreme Weather

From the NYC Department of Buildings. This 7-page document includes language specific to New York City, but it may be useful elsewhere as well. Your municipality may have specific rules to follow for severe weather.


Hurricane/Tropical Storm Preparedness Checklist

From the Houston Downtown Management District. If you’re looking for a summary checklist that fits on a single page, this is a good one.

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