Personal Reasons to Work in Construction [Video]

Few jobs are “just a job.” What you do all day is a huge part of your identity.

And when you talk to people in the construction industry as often as we do, you’ll hear again and again how proud they are of their jobs. Even if they don’t say it directly, it’s in their tone of voice.

Which brings us to a new video from the industry group Associated Builders and Contractors, aimed at getting more people interested in construction jobs. This is an initiative we can get behind.

See if any of these quotes from the video ring true to you:

  • “My father was in construction. I like the money, I like the work, I like doing things that are hands-on.”
  • “I love working with my hands. I love using my mind to make my hands work.”
  • “This job has helped me personally because of the challenges it gives me and the financial benefits of this job.”
  • “You can see the product of your labor every day.”

Construction is a career with lots of job opportunities and endless challenges, many of them satisfying and well paying. And yet every few weeks there’s another story in the press about how hard it is for contractors to find good people. Workers who left construction during the Great Recession in 2008-2009, the leading theory goes, simply didn’t come back.

Even at its best, construction faces a perception problem among people outside the industry. Hearing real people in construction tell their stories will go a long way to correcting this.

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