Superintendents and Foremen Say No to Daily Reports


It’s last call for daily reporting as you know it. It’s been a good run. But like most things we hate doing, and that feel like doing the same work twice, we always knew there should be a better way.

Whether you’re a loyal FieldLens user like superintendent Mitch Kennedy of Rogers-O’Brien in Dallas, or a trial user like superintendent Chad Falgout of Abbott Construction, Seattle, you’re part of a new wave of construction professionals who aren’t wasting any more time doing daily reports.

To stay an extra hour at the end of the day to compile your observations that you might not accurately remember, is silly” – Chad Falgout

Chad talked with ENR recently about using FieldLens for dailies instead.

And the real game-changer isn’t taking a paper process and moving it to a form that you can fill in on your phone, tablet or computer. As you’ve probably come to expect, FieldLens handles things a little differently. Mitch explains his process:

The daily report starts as soon as I log my first observation. By the end of the day, instead of sitting down to remember what happened, I just hit post. I love it. – Mitch Kennedy, Project Superintendent

What Mitch is describing is the same workflow most supers and foremen use: posting observations throughout the day, taking pictures, recording voice notes (all things you can do with FieldLens). Those observations automatically get compiled into a single report by FieldLens at the end of the day  — you choose when they get sent and who gets them. And the reports you get have all the stuff you’re used to seeing: a professional layout, your company logo, manpower counts, all your observations, exactly as you captured them. Since you get a PDF from FieldLens, you can also see all of the photos and video you took on the jobsite.

This is especially helpful for big jobs on which you have separate reports from multiple supers and foremen. Instead of receiving multiple reports, FieldLens compiles one “uber” report.

Another advantage of using FieldLens for daily reporting is that you have a project archive all in one place, that doesn’t blow away or need to be dug out from someone’s hard drive. It exists in real time, and forever after, in one project on FieldLens. Yes, even if you only use FieldLens for one project. You can access the archives of your projects forever. And that’s the way it should be.

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