Mobile Tech is Changing the Construction Industry... Here's How.

What to keep in mind when reviewing
mobile tech options in today's landscape.

The world around us has changed at a genuinely unprecedented pace. The speed of progress always accelerates, and we see the effects in the construction industry. Technology has improved communication and time management across construction sites, continually producing new tech with forward-thinking capacity that benefits companies and the environment.

So how exactly is mobile technology impacting the industry, and where did it all start?

What we'll go over:

Many people will say that the construction industry is slow in adopting new technologies, but that isn’t true. With jobsites located anywhere for a company, it caused limitations with how information was accessed and shared. With mobile technology, anyone can access data and share it instantly with the team and anywhere. Fast, affordable, and ubiquitous access is key to the integration and success of mobile technology in the industry.

Cloud Technology

The core concept of making data accessible is the cloud. The notion of network-based computing started in the 1960s but took off and became available around 2006 when Google and Amazon began using cloud computing. Now users can access and work on documents online rather than saving files to the desktop from anywhere in the world. Cloud technology has grown so much that cloud computing’s global market is estimated to exceed over $338 billion in AWS and Salesforce leaders.

How Emails Work Today

On average, there are about 300 billion emails per day circulating the world. The iconic “You’ve got mail” started in 1971 and has since become more significant than we imagined. Add on the internet in 1991 and the transformations that have taken place, communication has become a much bigger part of businesses worldwide. In construction, an email can be like a fine piece of paper in the back of a truck; you never know where it’s going to land. This technology is something you have to be careful with managing.

Mobile Technology

The first smartphone, contrary to popular belief, was in 1992. At that time, the features were accessing some information, calendar, and some messaging. Then in 2007, the first iPhone came out, and the evolution of touch screen technology, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks became popular.

All of this technology has had a massive impact on construction. But a critical aspect of technology that has made significant strides in the industry is data speeds. We have the technology to access things, but how fast can we do it?

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Mobile Tech is Changing the Construction Industry... Here's How.

What to keep in mind when reviewing
mobile tech options in today's landscape.

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