Email + Construction = Not Meant to Be

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Email just doesn’t work well for the construction industry. Construction workers, whether in the office or on the jobsite, are always on the move. Meetings, site visits, or physical work, and so on — they just don’t sit still. Then there’s all that information. Most companies are working on more than one project at a time, meaning that hundreds of pieces of information are floating around at any given time. And it’s all information that’s important and needs to be accounted for.

Email requires you to take the time to scroll through an inbox, read messages, respond to messages, or mentally file them away to deal with later. You’ve got to pay attention to who’s cc’d, who sees what, who’s responded to what. It’s exhausting, and it’s just not efficient. Especially for construction.

This recent Inc. article discusses why email is on its last legs for business, and what we can expect to replace it. Basically, people are becoming more accustomed to communicating via chatting channels like Facebook or Slack because the chain of communication is easy to follow and allows for easy accountability.

Beyond the fact that email is so clunky to use, it’s also a major time-suck. This McKinsey study found that the average worker spends the equivalent of 27 days a year dealing with emails. That’s nearly 1 month! What could someone in construction do getting even just a fraction of that time back?

FieldLens users tell us one of their favorite side-effects of using FieldLens for project team communication is that it cuts their emails in half (at least). The FieldLens project Items List allows users to know exactly what’s happening on the project in mere minutes with just a quick glance to the project Items List. Check out this link to learn more about how FieldLens cuts down on email, all while helping project teams communicate more efficiently.


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