EPISODE 7: Creating Industry Jobs with Mark Lang

In this episode of BuilderChat, we sat with Mark Lang, founder and CEO of Quality Labor Management (QLM). QLM is a professional skilled staffing service for those in construction. Mark started QLM after his first successful business, Workers Temporary Staffing, was sold in 2006. In 2008, Mark changed his business strategy from day-labor staffing to “providing high-end professional skilled staffing” for the construction industry.

Mark says the biggest challenge that QLM faces is finding quality. “We’re not just going to put anyone out there. We may interview 100 people. But only 10 will make it through our vetting process.” His biggest goal is trying to find the right people to send to QLM’s customers. They pride themselves on “high-end professionalism”, and hold every employee to that same standard.

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