Export Your Drawings, Add Text to Photos and more!

This week we’re happy to introduce two often-requested features: the ability to export drawings as PDF files and add text markup to photos on iOS devices! We’ve also added the ability to customize reports from iOS and add text markup to drawings.

Export PDF Drawings from the Web

Need to print a drawing that’s been uploaded to Fieldlens? From the web app you can now export the latest version of your drawings in PDF format.

Simply bulk select your drawings from within the Drawings Page of any project, and click Download in the upper right. Once downloaded, your exported drawings will appear as PDF files in View Downloads — ready for you to click, print, and share.

Add Text Markup to Photos and Drawings on iOS

When you’ve spent the day snapping dozens of pictures of the job site, sometimes you’ll want to add a little context to certain photos. That’s why Fieldlens has added text markup to both the Photo and Drawing Markup toolkits. You can now:

  • Type directly onto a picture or drawing — no matter if creating a new post or reacting to an existing post
  • Change the text color
  • Rotate, resize and position the text so it’s exactly where you need it

More Report customizations for iOS

We’ve added new customization options on iOS, letting you create reports with new formats and layouts right from your iPhone or iPad – just like you can on Android!

And we’re not done. We continue to listen to your feedback and bring new features to Fieldlens that will make your day a little bit easier – both in the field and back in the office – so stay tuned for more!

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