Fieldlens is Being Acquired by WeWork

Today I’m excited to announce that Fieldlens has been acquired by WeWork, and we’ll be working together to create a new paradigm for the construction, management and operation of physical space.

When we launched Fieldlens several years ago we had one goal: improve the lives of construction professionals by providing a better way for them to communicate on-site.

We created Fieldlens because we were determined to provide technology that allowed our field leaders to do what they do best – push their projects forward, and not be burdened by administrative work. We looked at the amazing way that smartphones and social media were allowing people to communicate in their personal lives and believed we could provide a similar experience for our customers in their professional lives.

After several years of working with our customers, listening to feedback, and iterating, iterating, iterating… today the Fieldlens application meets our original goal.


Why we’re partnering with WeWork.

While we’ve been busy changing the way construction projects communicate, WeWork has been re-inventing the way physical space is built and managed. WeWork provides a network of beautiful workspaces, a global community, and meaningful business services for forward-thinking companies of all sizes and industries.

WeWork is in a unique position in the real estate industry. The company is one of the only true end-to-end solutions that is involved in every phase of a building’s life cycle – from identifying, leasing, and designing to building and managing. As part of the WeWork family, we are now well positioned to pursue a grand vision of creating an innovative technology platform that can revolutionize the entire process.

Construction, and the built environment as a whole, is a critical component to our economy and overall well-being. It is time for our industry to rise up and lead all of us forward, and together with WeWork we are going to do exactly that.


What happens next?

The Fieldlens application will continue to be offered as a stand-alone construction communication product and we will continue to iterate and innovate. As part of WeWork we’ll have more resources to continue to focus on our goal of making the work-lives of construction professionals more efficient.

But it won’t stop there: Be on the lookout for additional products and services that bring the same level of innovation and efficiency to the rest of the building lifecycle. Our team will partner with WeWork’s technology team to bring considerable firepower to the many challenges associated with the business of building, managing and operating space.


We wouldn’t be here without you.

To every one of our customers – thank you. You took a shot on us, you took a risk by trying something different. You share our vision for a better future in construction and we will continue to support you and do our best to help you build better.

This is an amazing next step for us – and it is happening because of the incredible work that the entire Fieldlens team has done over the past five plus years. I can’t wait for our next chapter together.

Please check out the WeWork announcement to learn more about our shared vision for the future of building.



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  1. Andrea

    Hi, i do not understand exactly why are you becoming partners for… You are an aplication platform and WeWork is a co-working firm
    Could you please explain?

    1. Doug Chambers

      Hi Andrea- WeWork has grown into a global platform and they are dedicated to providing both workspace to companies of all sizes, as well as digital tools to support all aspects of real estate management. They are dedicated to supporting the fieldlens platform for the construction industry as a whole.

  2. PIN

    Great News for you guys.
    I hope the app won’t get lost in the corporate world (e.g. because it doesn’t make money…) and continues to be offered as a standalone app for all the construction teams who believe in the use of technology to make this industry a better environment for everyone.
    I would be very disappointed to learn one day that FL became just an internal tool that only WeWork is using for their projects and not offered as a separate tool.
    Hopefully that won’t happen as it will be a step backwards for the industry, I believe.

    1. Lester Suarez Garcia

      No Nope

  3. christinanolanXD


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