Why We’re Calling “Bullshit”

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When we talk to construction customers, we often hear that they love FieldLens because we clear the bullshit out of their day.

We are proud to be anti-bullshit. There’s no better way to say it.

But according to the rules of proper English, I’m supposed to keep that kind of blue language out of our marketing materials. When Doug, our CEO, asked me to write a headline that says FieldLens handles the bullshit, I floated a few alternatives: “FieldLens eliminates hassles.” “FieldLens helps you do less of the stuff you hate.” “FieldLens cuts the crap out of your day.”

That got us nowhere, because it didn’t sound like how real people talk. Delicately tip-toeing around the word “bullshit” was bullshit itself. That’s not us.

FieldLens is one of the few companies building mobile tools specifically for field construction professionals. We fight bullshit every day because it makes a difference.

What do we mean? Bullshit is waiting a week to get an answer from a guy who’s literally a hundred feet away and carrying a phone. Bullshit is staying an hour late to retype your field notes. Bullshit is spending more time arguing about who’s responsible for a problem than it takes to solve it. Bullshit is anything that involves a fax machine.

Life’s too short. When we cut the bullshit, we free up time for stuff that matters.

So from now on, we’ll say it like you say it. We’re the anti-bullshit app. Let FieldLens handle the bullshit so you can get back to building.

Daryl Lang is managing editor for FieldLens.

Photo © Alptraum/Bigstock

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