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FieldLens Integrates with Bluebeam Software and Introduces LiveLayer™, a New Feature Adding Realtime Jobsite Communication to Construction Drawings

Los Angeles, CA – July 30, 2015 – FieldLens CEO Doug Chambers announced today that FieldLens, the mobile and web-based communication platform for the construction industry, is introducing FieldLens Drawings, a breakthrough feature that will integrate with Bluebeam software. Chambers made the announcement during a keynote address at the Bluebeam eXtreme Conference in Los Angeles.

The integration with Bluebeam, the drawings management tool of choice for the construction industry, brings a powerful level of interoperability to construction project teams, allowing them to easily merge Bluebeam’s linked PDFs with the realtime project conversations happening in FieldLens. FieldLens Drawings will include LiveLayer™, a feature giving construction professionals the power to view drawings layered with realtime jobsite communication.

“As a company dedicated to delivering the absolute best communication platform to project teams of all sizes, it only makes sense that we partner with Bluebeam, the best drawings solution available to the construction industry,” Chambers said. “FieldLens users have asked for advanced drawings features and interoperability with the leading drawings platform, and now we are able to deliver a superior level of communication that can occur in the context of construction drawings.”

“Bluebeam is always exploring new ways to facilitate industry innovation,” said Sasha Reed, VP of Strategic Development at Bluebeam Software. “The Bluebeam eXtreme Conference is an opportunity to showcase the customers and partners who inspire us to develop flexible solutions that enhance the way our customers work. Working with integrators like FieldLens, who share our dedication to open platform interoperability, means more options for users to seamlessly access and manage project information.”

All FieldLens users will have access to the drawings uploader, and now both FieldLens and Bluebeam users will be able to view drawings and all jobsite communication together in one place. Through the use of Bluebeam’s new Studio API, which was previewed at the conference, FieldLens seamlessly preserves projects, drawing versions and links added from Bluebeam Revu.

The LiveLayer™ feature of FieldLens Drawings will show conversations and action items in realtime at their exact locations, allowing for dynamic and better-informed conversations to happen within drawings. FieldLens Drawings will automatically upload all linked sets, distributing them to everyone on the project team for lightning-fast viewing. Users will be able to move seamlessly between the wide view of the jobsite and the close-up details and conversations taking place at every project point.

FieldLens users anticipate FieldLens Drawings and the integration with Bluebeam will greatly enhance project team communication.

Mark Decker, Director of Virtual Design and Construction for Jacobsen Construction, said, “FieldLens is a superior platform for documentation in the field while Bluebeam is hands down the most robust document management option that does so much more than the competition. We are excited these two companies are coming together providing an opportunity for more field management and communication to be done in an optimized workflow that has never before been available.”

Mitch Kennedy, Project Superintendent for Rogers-O’Brien Construction, said, “FieldLens’ new drawings feature is going to bring communication to a whole other level for our project team. As a superintendent, I live in our drawings all day long, and now that I’ll be able to have my observations live in my drawings with me, I’ll be able to communicate exactly what’s happening on the jobsite even faster.”

FieldLens Drawings are currently available to select FieldLens users, and will be rolled out to all FieldLens users in September. The Bluebeam integration will be available with the launch of the Studio API later this year. Visit for more information.

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