Top 5 New Improvements in the FieldLens Mobile Apps

Good news for users of the FieldLens iOS and Android apps: This morning we released new versions of the mobile apps with some nice enhancements that make the apps faster and easier to use. What are the new features? Let’s count them down!

5) Swipe actions on the Android app are much improved. Try swiping an Item in the Items list to the left or right and see!

4) On iOS, we’ve improved the camera, and also added a Photos icon for browsing existing photos on your device.



3) We redesigned and streamlined the Items list, with a new shortcut to find and edit your drafts (both apps).



2) You’ll get a nice new interface for filtering Items (both apps).



1) Both apps now have a new Create button to make it easier to create Items and Daily Reports.




Bonus!) Have you tried using the mobile apps for daily reports? Earlier this summer we added a new “Daily Report” option in the side menus on the apps. Give it a try!

Update your mobile apps starting today to get the latest versions!

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