FieldLens New Reporting Feature Transforms How Daily Construction Reports are Done

New York, NY – May 1, 2015 – FieldLens, a mobile field management platform for the construction industry, today announced the launch of a new daily reporting feature unlike anything currently available in the industry.

A typical construction project sees at least one daily report created by field personnel from each of the contractors on the project. Larger projects require manually collecting detailed information from multiple supers and foremen at the end of a long workday. The process is not collaborative and field personnel are essentially forced to recall everything they managed, observed, and dealt with throughout the day.

The new daily reporting feature from FieldLens changes all of that. With FieldLens daily reports, field managers will use their smartphone or tablet to log notes, take photos and videos, mark up drawings and capture manpower as they walk the jobsite. FieldLens will automatically turn the day’s field captures into a report, ensuring that all recorded items are noted as they happen, rather than having to recall information when it’s time to construct the daily report. At the end of the day, a professional, company branded report is ready and waiting with absolutely no extra work required, giving project administrators one comprehensive project report to review.

“Making daily reports a more powerful feature is very much a user-led idea,” says Doug Chambers, CEO of FieldLens. “We noticed our users were replacing their daily reports with the original reporting function in FieldLens because it allowed for realtime, collaborative reporting from the project team. We quickly realized we needed to make that process even better. Other reporting software is just a digital version of the traditional paper forms. We want to drive a paradigm shift – as supers and foreman walk the job they are constantly observing everything that matters and they are making critical decisions as they go – we want to give them a very easy way to collect those observations and decisions without slowing them down. FieldLens offers a more powerful way to get reporting done because it’s collaborative, it’s fast, and is incredibly simple to use.”

With the FieldLens daily report, supers and foremen are provided with a tool that saves them time and helps them deliver quality information to field administrators. For more information visit

About FieldLens

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