Jobsite Collaboration for Construction Teams

Digitizing jobsite management so the entire team can always stay connected and in the conversation, from anywhere.

Collaborate across your team, from anywhere, anytime.

Notes jotted in the margins of a blueprint, post-its around the jobsite, an informal chat among team members -this is how construction teams typically communicate. Depending on exchanges like this to convey project-critical updates and information leads to confusion, mistakes, and rework. Fieldlens solves this by creating a project hub where construction teams can join the conversation and collaborate in real-time, on or off the jobsite.

Digital Blueprints.
Plan Markups.

Automatic Daily Reports

When the workday ends your .pdf is generated from the day’s feed and automatically emailed.

Close Out Faster with Painless Punch Lists

Capture photos and videos of punchlist items and assign them in real-time as you walk the job.

Markup Plans from Wherever, Whenever

Make documenting and editing as quick and painless as possible. With Fieldlens, plan markups are a breeze.

Get Answers.
Take Action.

What Happened?

Where, exactly, is the embedded conduit? How many carpenters were on the job last Wednesday?

A Clear Path to Project Closeout

Are the condensate lines fully insulated? Are we ready to white-out the ceilings?

Stay Focused on what Matters Today

Are we ready for the second layer of rock? Did yesterday’s plumbing inspection pass?

Real Field Data.
Better Decisions.

Reports that Happen Daily

You get much more disciplined, detailed reports because everyone in the field is posting all day.

Status of Everything

Know who and what needs your attention, the moment the need arises.

Big Picture Questions Answered

Analyze unbiased data across dozens of projects to find what works best.

“Flexible enough so that we can integrate Fieldlens data with our current platforms.”

“Fieldlens has provided us with greater insight into our projects than ever before without leaving the office.”

“With Fieldlens, I can feel the pulse of the project, see trends emerge and react faster.”

Join the Thousands of Teams Using Fieldlens.

The Most Important Tool on the Jobsite