Jobsite Collaboration

Document and Share every conversation, assignment, and decision.

Fieldlens’ point and click functionality allow you to capture images from the jobsite and send them straight to the office, anywhere and anytime. Our cloud-based software turns your physical papers into digital copies so you can work on the go and with your team.

Our jobsite management software provides alerts and notifications to ensure accuracy between each team member enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

Digital Blueprints

No matter where you are or what time it is you will have access to your projects and all documentation that it comes with. Through Fieldlens have access to digital blueprints to view each part of the construction underway.

“Fieldlens is a great product for any construction professional. It is so versatile that you can really use it to track and communicate on any project. We are using it on several projects right now and I am continuously impressed by their product and their team. They are always willing to help develop new workflows that will help you and your team be efficient.”

Kris L.

Director, VDC

Photo & Plan Markup

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With Fieldlens, you have the ability to add more context to your projects through photos in-app. To make the photo even better you can markup the photo by adding text or highlighting a specific area of importance. 

Messaging, Alerts, and Notifications

Never miss important information. As easy as texting, you will get every notification alert through the Fieldlens. Make sure everyone gets the right information to the right people at the right time. To make sure you and your team never miss an update, Fieldlens will send push notifications and then follow up with emails to your account whenever there is an unread message or past due notification.


To learn more about how you can incorporate Fieldlens into your jobsite management, click here to watch and learn more about our 2 MINUTE VIDEO OVERVIEW!