Productivity & Safety

Document and Share every conversation, assignment, and decision.

With our field management software, you can create Punch Lists, Daily Logs, and input Weather Tracking to ensure accuracy and completion of your project(s) workflow.

Fieldlens lets you connect everyone in real-time, addressing issues before they become problems. Our construction software helps your company stay efficient and productive while ensuring safety within the field. Collaboration, safety, efficiency, and quality are our top priorities.

Punch Lists

We want to ensure you as the contractor get paid for all work completed. To keep you safe, Fieldlens has the ability to capture photos and videos of punch list items. You can assign them in real-time as you walk the job to ensure each item is accounted for.

“With FieldLens we have seen an improvement in the type of data we can capture on our projects. The tedious process of having to use multiple application for the variety of deliverables we need are gone. We have improved the efficiency in which we capture issues, pictures or create daily reports. And the best part is we can use the data for analysis during or after the project is complete.”

Luis P.

Sr. BIM Manager

Daily Logs

In construction, paperwork can get messy. You can lose documents just as fast as you create them. Inside of Fieldlens, we will automatically generate a PDF from the day’s work, and an email is automatically sent to all parties that must be notified set by the project administrator. Inside of the PDF you will also know the weather for the day on each of your jobsites.


Waiting for answers to RFIs can delay trades and hold up the project. At RedTeam we believe in a more efficient flow of information. That’s why we’ve created post flags for RFIs — just like safeties and deficiencies — in Fieldlens to help your projects flow seamlessly and effectively


Just like RFIs we know waiting for submittals can be detrimental to the flow of your project. The post flags feature is also used for submittals to make sure you know who and what needs your attention, the moment the need arises. You’ll have realtime access to this information in an instant


To learn more about how you can incorporate Fieldlens into your jobsite management, click here to watch and learn more about our 2 MINUTE VIDEO OVERVIEW!