Get project notifications your way

You’ve asked for easier to set, more customizable project notifications. You’ve asked for more relevant, easier to read emails with more post details. We’ve been listening. We’ve rebuilt notifications from the ground up to bring you a better way to stay on top of your projects.



What you need to know: 

As of this morning, you will start seeing new immediate and daily project update emails along with a new way to control your notification settings.

If you had the opportunity to explore the new options and get your notifications preferences set just the way you like them, you’ll only receive notifications matching those settings from here on out. If you didn’t make any changes, that’s OK too – we’ve applied our recommended settings for now, and you can make changes any time.

New to Fieldlens Notifications?

Fieldlens can inform you of updates on your project via instant emails and push notifications, as well as daily summary emails. Tailor each to only send only project updates that are relevant to you. Set your notifications preferences across all your projects, then use project-specific settings to customize your notifications for individual projects. Easily mute a project to pause all notifications on a given project.

Choose only the updates that matter

Set up custom project-specific notifications based on specific keywords, or a particular location. For example, you might want to get a push notification anytime someone updates a post with the words “safety issue” or “delay” – or get an email any time someone posts an issue with the location “3rd Floor”.

If you can search or filter to find it in Fieldlens, you can get notified about it.

Get a daily progress recap

  • Set daily email notifications to receive a recap of your project team’s activity every day at 5pm in your project’s time zone. If there’s no activity, you won’t receive one.
  • Customize exactly what’s included by choosing “Daily” emails for updates to posts matching our default notifications options, Quick Filters, or custom saved filters.

Get instant email updates

Our new instant email notifications make it easier than ever to stay up to date on project progress. We’ve redesigned these emails to be easier to read with better contrast in direct sunlight, and with mobile in mind. Our batched instant emails are easy on the inbox – we’ll group messages that occur within a few minutes of each other. Quickly get the information you need: 

  • Who posted?
  • Who’s assigned, and when are they due?
  • What’s waiting for you in the app? Get a summary of photos, video, resource tracking and more. 
  • See recent comments as they’re added.

At Fieldlens, we believe communication makes all the difference. We hope customizable, easier to read, more relevant notifications make a difference on your jobsite.

What are your best practices for keeping everyone in the loop on your job? Let us know in the comments.


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