Happy Presidents Day!


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We know many of you construction folks will be working hard through the long weekend, and we at FieldLens want to wish you all a happy Presidents Day. Below are a few trivia facts you may or may not know about our country’s presidents – enjoy!

1. James Buchanan was the only bachelor president

2. William Taft was the heaviest president, weighing in at 300-340 lbs

3. FDR served as president the longest

4. FDR was also the very first president to appear on TV in April, 1939

5. Gerald Ford survived two assassination attempts – both by women

6. Warren G. Harding had the largest feet of any president – size 14

7. Woodrow Wilson is on the $100,000 bill

8. James Monroe’s presidency was known as ‘The Era of Good Feelings’

9. Thomas Jefferson once received a 1235 lb block of cheese with a note that read ‘The greatest cheese in America for the greatest man in America.’

10. Harry Truman was the 3rd president to be left-handed





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