How Posts in Fieldlens Tracks Critical Communication Between Construction Teams

Most construction companies have post-it notes scattered around the jobsite or office, notes written in the margins of blueprints, and informal chats where the information isn’t saved for future reference.

For a more seamless workflow where information is accessible and accurate, communication needs to be more streamlined between the construction parties. Relying on informal ways of communication leads to confusion, mistakes, and rework. Having a central hub where the most up-to-date information is located and accessible is beneficial to completing projects.

Create Punch Lists, Submittals, RFIs, and More Through Posts in Fieldlens

Fieldlens provides a centralized project hub where the entire construction team can join the conversation and collaborate in real-time, whether they’re on or away from the jobsite.

In the jobsite management software, a project will be empty until a new post is created. Posts can be as simple or complex as you want. When creating information for a project, you can choose specific features such as punch list, safety, submittal, RFI, and a general post.

Fieldlens lets you customize your posts depending on what type of information you want to input for each project. When you click to create a post, you can make a title and add a description/information regarding what needs to be logged. These posts can be as detailed as possible or straightforward, with no limits on how much data you can add.

We recommend that you add categories to each post for better visibility and organization. This can be done by selecting the green tag and choosing a category from the drop-down menu or creating your own category. 

Automatic categories include buyer feedback, change order, clean up, daily log, and punch list, among many others. The categories feature allows you to automatically place posts in a topic without manually writing them in the description.

Once you’ve added a title, description, and category, you have the opportunity to add more context to the post. Fieldlens lets you upload photos and videos so that team members not on the jobsite can see the project progress in real-time.

Not only can you add as much detail as necessary, but Fieldlens also allows you to send the information to both Fieldlens users and non-users. Fieldlens users will receive a notification in the app when they are assigned a post, and non-users receive an email with all of the information accessible.

Our jobsite management software makes it easier for you to track your information in real-time, streamlining the workflow and ensuring that all information is accurate and secure.

Fieldlens’ Post Feature Streamlines Communication and Collaboration

Fieldlens’ posts make life easier by streamlining your workflows so you can save time and money in the field. You no longer need to be present at all times on a jobsite. Now you can assign a task like photo documentation to a team member to produce faster and more accurate information. 

This saves time each week by eliminating tedious, end-of-day organization work. Simply take a photo or video on the spot, upload it to Fieldlens, and the information is now logged in a secure location, easily accessible.

With our jobsite management software, there’s no need for physical materials and resources; you have increased availability and accessibility, receive real-time updates, and have top-notch organization. To learn more about Fieldlens, be sure to visit and get started with the software using our Free Trial.


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