The construction industry is a large space with many moving parts, especially in technology adoption. When people think about construction workflows, there’s a perfect diagram highlighting roles and tasks in a construction project. But once you sit down and dig into the reality of workflows, the organization of construction projects can quickly become more complicated. Many people are doing a lot of stuff, which leaves room for error and many risks. That leads many construction companies to consider “let’s find technology, the silver bullet, that will solve everything.”

So what is the best technology to use? How do you know it’s the best? And how will it ultimately help your company? Our Chief Revenue Officer, Fred Guitton, invites guest speaker Jay Snyder, who leads the innovation technology practice at FMI, to discuss choosing the right construction technology.

To Choose the Right Technology, You Need to Solve the Right Problem

There’s a common theme among construction companies when it comes to technology. Many construction tech initiatives treat symptoms as if they’re the illness. They misunderstand innovation and have a misguided intent to protect the team from additional work of technology selection. So why is this happening?

Often contractors will adopt great, viable technologies to cover a terrible process or solve a people problem. So really, there are underlying mitigating factors to a problem that has nothing to do with technology. As you are looking to pursue technology, make sure to understand what it is you’re solving.

Think of technology as an opportunity rather than something to solve a problem. How can the tech you choose solve a problem and increase efficiency or productivity for your company at the same time? When you think about technology from an innovation standpoint, you start approaching your problems using the technology and your team to solve problems.

The best way to solve problems is to make sure initiatives are formed from the bottom up. Ensure that you are making a list of functional requirements for the technology based on feedback from your team. When you follow a structure, you might find other possible problems to solve and other opportunities to leverage the technology to be more valuable. Once you have requirements, you can go out into the market and start assessing or integrating different solutions based on your needs. The hardest part is finding the time and committing the resources to commit to the process of finding an answer. We guarantee it will be worth it.

4 Questions You Should Answer While Choosing Construction Software

Consider these questions when looking for the right construction software to solve your problems. After all, you want to make sure it not only solves the problem but is valuable in other aspects for your company.

1) How much are you willing to spend?

2) Does the construction management software promote communication and collaboration between team members?

3) What are the tech requirements?

4) What features are most important to you?

Not all construction software is suitable for everyone. What might work for one company might not work for another. It’s essential to understand your needs to truly get the value out of the construction software.


When you can layer in technology with a standard workflow that allows you to create healthy habits and behaviors, that is how you improve your construction company. Choosing the right construction technology can seem daunting at first, but with the right structure in place and knowing your needs, you can quickly find the software that works best for you. For more on this topic, be sure to watch the full Builderchat live video!


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