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Inner-Tech Acquires New Tech with RedTeam

“Until you implement RedTeam you never knew what you were missing.”

Inner-Tech, Inc. specializes in commercial renovation and up-fit projects of the office, retail and industrial/distribution spaces. With almost three decades of experience in the Raleigh, NC market, Inner-Tech has developed a reputation for achieving high-quality standards and providing excellent, hands-on client service. 

After speaking with Dennis Woolard, Partner at Inner-Tech, he said they “[We] decided to implement RedTeam due to having previous software with weaker financial and project management capabilities.” Inner-Tech first heard about RedTeam through integration with PlanGrid, and that is what made RedTeam stand out from competitors in the marketplace. 

Woolard commented on RedTeam’s best capabilities, listing off a few of his favorites: RedTeam FieldShare, Job Costing abilities, Progress Reporting, Performance Overview, and Full Collaboration. 

Woolard has only been using RedTeam for less than six months, however, he has this to say about the software; “If you are serious about running a profitable commercial construction business, and are willing to implement what RedTeam has built for years, you will never understand how you got along without RedTeam.”

“RedTeam is for the Elite Project Manager.”

– Dennis Woolard, Partner

We offer many different capabilities that contractors find to be very useful to increase their competitive advantage. Inner-Tech says our feature in creating reports quickly, efficiently, and professionally is what helps their business find its advantage. They also increase their productivity by “…being able to immediately update information and share both internally and externally.”

RedTeam’s construction project management software makes it simple for general contractors to effectively manage projects. With the help of RedTeam, Inner-Tech is projecting to grow even faster as they bid on more projects and manage them more easily now.

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