FieldLens iOS developer Tony Hung on Apple’s new products

tony_300x200Here at FieldLens we’re constantly pushing the technological envelope to make builders’ jobs easier. I recently spoke with FieldLens iOS developer Tony Hung about how Apple’s new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch might influence the future of our mobile-first platform:

Chris: So I hear you’re the iOS masterman around here.

Tony: (Laughs) I’m just one of four members on the team.

Chris: How about we say one of several mastermen?

Tony: That works.

Chris: What do you find exciting about developing for Apple’s new mobile devices?

Tony: One of the big things is the new screen sizes for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Because the new screens have a lot more real estate, developers can not only scale up items on the screen but also add more content.

Chris: How is the team going about adapting the FieldLens application to take advantage of this new real estate?

Tony: That’s something we’re working on right now. We’re collaborating with our design team to help us with the transition to larger devices.

Chris: Does this kind of cross-department collaboration benefit the user?

Tony: I think so. The designers help everyone to always keep the users in mind. While we need to make sure that the app works as expected, it also needs to be enjoyable to use.

Chris: Do you think the Apple Watch will help expand the FieldLens platform?

Tony: I think the Apple Watch has a great chance of expanding what we do; we already have some ideas.

Chris: How does the team feel about Swift? [Apple’s new iOS programming language]

Tony: We’re still working in Objective-C for now, but everyone here is learning Swift. We like it because we can write some things in Swift and still use the Objective-C code we’ve already written. It’s nice to not have to rewrite the entire application!

Chris: Awesome. Now for something completely different: favorite text editor?

Tony: BBEdit.


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