Levelset Integration with RedTeam

Eliminate the headache of lien waivers.

RedTeam users can create a projects directly in Levelset straight from RedTeam construction management software.

Users can generate a lien waiver requests routed to vendors ready to be signed. Once executed, lien waivers will automatically be loaded into the Levelset project and available for access anytime in RedTeam.

Such functionality provides great data integrity and helps reduce the time spent tracking these critical documents. This integration effectively reduces the risk of lien claims and better protects all project stakeholders.

Levelset Integration Functionality:

For a full breakdown of our integration download our PDF guide.

“Our friends at RedTeam understand the challenge contractors face on an intimate level, and are committed to delivering solutions to help contractors grow their business and remove payment stress. This integration with Levelset will save countless man hours for contractors across the country and put com in a position to succeed.”


Director of Business Development, Levelset

Save time generating, tracking, and collecting lien waivers.

Levelset connects construction stakeholders and leverages millions of data records to make payment documentation stress-free. The construction industry has traditionally used attorneys and mounds of paperwork to sort out payment issues. However, over 100,000 industry stakeholders have relied on Levelset to promote better visibility, make payment paperwork and follow-up invisible, and provide confidence in payments. Customers use Levelset to exchange and collaborate around payment documents like lien waivers easily, pay applications, and preliminary notices and complete the picture of who else is on their job, enabling better visibility, smooth paperwork exchanges, and faster payments.

Learn more about Levelset’s Lien Waiver service here.


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