Why Mobility is the Most Important Word in Construction


How much longer would your job take if you still had to go to the office or trailer to file reports or update stakeholders on the build’s progress?

The ability to update and share information directly from the jobsite is an essential part of getting the job done these days. The push toward mobility started with laptops, and has been greatly improved by tablets and smartphones.

Now, wearable tech promises to push the construction industry into an even more mobile phase. What’s this mean for you and how you’ll do your job in the future?

Mobile Tech Helps on the Jobsite

The first place mobility helps your construction business is on the jobsite. It can help you instantly evaluate each day’s progress to help you plan your workflow. These daily scheduling corrections can help reduce or eliminate delays, and help keep your customers informed and happy.

Mobile technology can also help with recordkeeping. With a tablet or smartphone, you can have foremen clock workers in and out, with the information synced immediately with your office — a great way to record and track manual hours spent on site. Your team can also log equipment hours in real time, increasing accuracy and cutting down on equipment costs. Equipment breakdown? Mobile tech lets your team submit an instant repair request, complete with photos, to get back up and running quickly.

A Mobile Office

One of the most attractive features of mobile technology is that you’re no longer pinned inside the four walls of your office. You also don’t have to waste time running from one jobsite to the next. With cloud-based software, you can check in on jobsite progress, schedule, and costs from wherever you happen to be.

You can also approve changes in workflow and other requests from your foremen immediately — no more delays while your team waits for your go-ahead. Time sheets and other documents can get to the accounting department instantly to streamline financial processes.

And, with realtime field reports, you can keep a close eye on a job’s budget and make changes right away.

The Future of Mobile Technology in Construction

While mobile technology has improved dramatically over the past few years, it’s anybody’s guess as to what it will look like in the future. Devices like Google Glass hint that wearable tech is the next big thing.

In the meantime, developers are starting to recognize the need for jobsite-based solutions for the construction industry. Future devices and apps will improve on current wireless capabilities to give you an even more streamlined workflow. As data gets collected, sorted, and shared more and more seamlessly, you’ll be able to concentrate on just getting the job done so you can build better.

By getting your business on board with mobile now, you’ll be ready to take advantage of the powerful applications and devices still to come.


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