All New Reports from Fieldlens, Made Your Way

After talking to many of you and listening to your feedback, we now understand what you’ve always known: no two construction reports are exactly the same. With that in mind our reports have been rebuilt from the ground up to give you the flexibility you need, no matter the situation.

Our new reports enable you to pick and choose exactly what you want them to show. Whether it’s a Daily Report, Punch List Report or any other kind of report, we’ve got you covered. Of course they can still be set to run automatically, but now you’ll have even more control to make these reports work for you.

So what’s new?

  • A concise layout that more closely resembles what you see in the app
  • An optional cover page with summary report stats
  • The ability to add page breaks after each post
  • Complete flexibility to include or exclude post description, comments and more
  • Control over picture and video thumbnail size
custom daily report builder
New Daily Report Builder

But we’re not done. Coming soon you’ll be able to:

  • Group your reports by assignee so you can easily print out and distribute
  • Print full size drawings with pins and the supporting pictures and conversations to understand jobsite issues