No More Middle Man.

“It scratches everyone where they itch.” – Perry

Perry was drowning out there. The fact that they were building an ark did not help.

Interestingly enough, doors were the things that gave Perry his first “ah-ha” moment with Fieldlens. They were using multiple vendors to supply the various parts to the different teams doing the installations – poor coordination between the vendors and the teams was leading to delays.

Perry got a look at how Fieldlens could streamline the process and said simply, “Now this thing is awesome.” He started using a single post to communicate with all the vendors together, and have them start talking to each other. No more middle man. From that moment of realization Perry and Answers in Genesis have been expanding their Fieldlens usage to cut out the middle guys all over their project.

For Perry, the number of projects he is tasked with – across remote campuses sometimes acres apart – left him with a tremendous amount of back and forth both verbally and just physically getting about to keep the teams moving. With Fieldlens he is able to let his fingers do the walking – and stays much drier in the meantime.

But it’s not just for Perry. Before Fieldlens, the project lacked any cohesive project management tool to help them in their day-to-day. While Perry loved to dive deep into MS Project and Gantt charts he realized these were impractical for people in the field, in particular his maintenance and construction guys. Understandably, guys on site don’t have time to re-learn something new every time someone introduces them to the next great solution. But while everything else up to this point had been a no-go, the team was able to get comfortable with Fieldlens from the start. Snapping a pic and automatically looping in team members felt right to this crew. And connecting the team in real time can pay off quickly.

Case in point, one day the CEO was walking the job and noticed an egress with two huge double-doors, but lacking crash guards. One of the team members took a pic in Fieldlens and posted. Not knowing who to send it to, he shared it with the maintenance team. Later that same day he happened to be with a maintenance guy from another location, talking about fishing over lunch, and showing him project updates in Fieldlens. The guy remembered seeing the post and mentioned he had a set of crash guards on site not being used – and those things aren’t cheap. Sharing information quickly and easily just saved the project $8,000 and they were able to get them set up the next day.

Now the SOP for Answers in Genesis is, “Get that in FL.” Project teams are in the know, vendors are alerted – time and money saved.


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