Odyssey Global uses RedTeam to Manage Every Aspect of Their Projects.

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Features most appreciated by Odyssey include financial management, document control, time tracking, labor authorizations, and daily reporting.

Odyssey Global, Inc. is a general contractor located in Orlando, Florida. The company was originally founded in 2001 working on projects primarily for military and municipal-type clients. Current clients include Hillsborough County Aviation Authority, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority,  NASA and the Corps of Engineers. Today, Odyssey is a full-service provider of construction, general contracting, and design-building services operating nationally.

Carl Leneis, Chief Estimator, joined Odyssey Global in March of 2017. Carl’s tasks include all aspects of pre-construction such as takeoff, bid solicitation, bid evaluation, final pricing and customer proposals. Carl also gets involved in the management of business overhead expenses, as well.

Carl first heard about RedTeam from colleagues in the industry. He was particularly interested in how RedTeam might help his team collaborate effectively online at all stages of their projects.

Prior to implementing RedTeam, Odyssey used in-house manual systems to manage every aspect of their projects. Some of the challenges they faced were keeping track of prior proposals and bids, managing large volumes of project-related data, and controlling project workflow.

Features most appreciated by Odyssey include financial management, document control, time tracking, labor authorizations, and daily reporting.

“Writing subcontract commitments using RedTeam is much more time efficient than our old manual processes,” said Carl. “RedTeam helps us get contract documents out to our subcontractors very quickly, and the flexible user permissions helps us control the integrity of the contracting process.”

“RedTeam is a cost-effective solution for GC’s that helps us work efficiently, which gives us more time to focus on other aspects of our business.”

– Carl Leneis, Chief Estimator

Carl and his team really like RedTeam’s customer service options. According to Carl, “RedTeam’s chat feature is the best thing since sliced bread and customer service has always been timely and responsive.”

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