What our OpenView Partnership Means for the FieldLens Network

By Doug Chambers
FieldLens CEO

Last week I wrote a post about the power of great investors. Later in the week we shared the amazing news about partnering with Scott Maxwell and the OpenView team. No, the timing of these two things was not a coincidence.

As I explained last week, great investors are not just sources of capital, they are partners and advisors, providing both guidance and perspective that you simply can’t access on your own. Scott Maxwell is the epitome of a great investor. While our partnership was just made official, we’ve been working with Scott and the OpenView team for the past couple of months. Scott and I have spent hours discussing strategy, team building, company culture, and a whole lot more. He and his team have already had a measurable impact on FieldLens.

So what does this mean for the most important people in our universe — namely you, our customers? It means that we can now put even more emphasis on developing the best product possible to help you build your incredibly complex construction projects. It means that we can build out a customer success infrastructure such that you’ll have instant access to best practices with respect to our product, but also additional tools that will help you build better, period. It means technological innovations that will make your day easier and more productive and will, quite frankly, be just awesome to use. We’re ready to tackle your biggest challenges and to do it the way we always have – using best in class technology while providing an experience that just makes sense and is useful to EVERYONE on the job.

This round of investment does not entitle us to a high five or a slap on the back. The only thing that matters to us is making your day better and helping you achieve your goals. What this investment does do is provide a network of resources that will help us answer your needs more effectively, allowing us to work with you and provide tools that we believe will change the construction industry for the better.

We’re just getting started and can’t wait to work with you. Thank you to the OpenView team and the rest of our amazing investors for sharing our vision.


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