PlanGrid Integration

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“Construction has to be efficient and we have to be able to produce and document our projects quickly and without errors.”

- Jim Hopper, General Manager
38 North Construction


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DocuSign Integration

With the integration of DocuSign, RedTeam now offers its users a seamless path to enter into a formal agreement without having to leave RedTeam.

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Ebooks & Whitepapers

Change Orders: Reducing Risk Through Preparation

Construction projects are complex, making the many different reasons for change orders complex as well.

To eliminate the confusion that can lead to tarnished relationships down the line, GCs should invest in streamlined software.

Learn more about how a comprehensive platform can help with your change orders process.

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Project Budgets & Estimated Cost at Complete

Need to manage your budget on your projects?

With RedTeam, project teams can manage their Latest Revised Estimated Cost and Complete for each project.

This estimate is used to produce WIP Reports needed for controlling working capital and cash flow and periodic financial reporting.

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Ebooks & Whitepapers

Mitigating Risk Through Effective Contract Documentation

Relying on pen and paper for documentation is inaccurate and time-consuming.

We aren’t just talking about the documentation that happens during the project. We mean all of the information associated with the formation of the document itself – precisely what is said during the negotiation and the metadata.

Learn how RedTeam helps keep track of all the metadata that goes into every project that you work on.

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