Achieve your goals by planning and organizing the full scope of your projects in an efficient time sensitive manner.

What we do...

Drawing Management

Manage drawings over the life of each project, compare versions side-by-side. use markup tools to focus attention, and attach marked up images to project correspondence, such as RFIs.


Upload individual pages or split monolithic drawing files into separate pages. Use OCR to name your drawings in real time, or process large file sets in the background while you keep working.


Notify bidders of changes and additions to the plans and specifications by issuing addendums.

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Create meeting agendas from past meeting minutes, communicate agendas with calendar invites, then convert to meeting minutes with a census of attendees and discussion notes for all open issues.


Track your milestones from your Gantt Schedule to stay on track.


All of your Photos are uploaded either from the desktop or a mobile device so you can store and view them all in one place in the Project.

Punch List, Safety, and Quality

You can organize punch items and send requests for correction to vendors. Generate QR codes to enable your team in the field to pull up the latest punch list items by location and mark them completed.


Request Information to both Team Members and non-Team Members through either the desktop or mobile application. Generate an RFI log that tracks and adds the dates automatically.


The Gantt Schedule will organize all of your tasks, phases, and milestones to help stay on track. Easily post this to your project PlanRoom for third parties to stay up to date.


Track the entire workflow of requesting submittals from vendors to transmitting them for approval and relaying responses from architects, engineers, and owners back to those vendors. Manage submittal revisions and run a submittal log which automatically tracks the relevant dates.

Daily Reports

Photos, Observations, Weather and Subcontractors on the jobsite will easily be managed through your daily reports which are easily created from the desktop or mobile device using RedTeam’s app for the field.

Document Control

All documents pertaining to the job are stored within each project. Create folders to stay better organized and use the Project Documents console to see all of the files.


Import from Microsoft Excel or create your own spreadsheets that can be shared with your team.