Project Management

Manage your projects with a comprehensive construction project management platform

RedTeam manages all project management functionality from beginning to end. Drag and drop all plans & specifications into RedTeam’s Optical Character Recognition tool for stress-free plan management. Issue addendums and manage the latest version of all drawings. Use the submittal workflow to track all stages of your submittal process. Manage your milestones and tasks with RedTeam’s Gantt Schedule. Handle all document control with RedTeam’s Dialog, including RFI’s, meeting minutes and agendas.


The RedTeam submittal workflow has been designed to give you a clear view of this critical element of your project management. With our construction project management platform, you can create requests and submittal packages. Leverage this collaborative functionality to capture all the metadata that is associated with this process.



With RedTeam, you can manage the flow of requests for information (RFIs) on any of your projects. Receive, review, share and track any RFIs. Maintain an accurate and up-to-date log as well as collaborate proactively to make sure no RFIs fall through the cracks.

Trusted by over 100K RedTeam users and leading companies in the construction industry.

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“It’s a software that comes from people who really care about progressing forward in construction project management methods. They are willing to take critique and add/change things to make it customized to each customer.”


Project Manager, Avec Design + Build

Change Orders

With RedTeam, you have access to a comprehensive platform to manage all the moving parts of a change order dynamically and give access to live information as it progresses with minimal data entry. You can request quotes from vendors you feel are best suited to handle the work to be done and select the vendors you would like to hire and issue a change order or issue a new commitment directly from RedTeam. You are also able to issue a change proposal to your client directly and invite them to collaborate even when the order is at a draft stage. By leveraging these tools, you can capture all the information that relates to this particular change order.



In RedTeam, you will have access to a Gantt scheduling tool very similar to Microsoft Project. You can import and export files with Microsoft project. As you begin to update your Gantt schedule, the information will be instantly available on any of your mobile devices as well as in the planroom.

Using the Right Tools

As a general contractor, it’s important to choose tools that deliver power & flexibility, and are intuitive and helpful for your business to use every day. 

To truly get the most out of your construction management platform you need the right tools to help you develop your business, work on preconstruction, manage your projects on-and-off the field, and manage your financials. All of this functionality, plus more, are built inside of RedTeam’s comprehensive platform. 

RedTeam Features
Change Orders Budget Tracking / Job Costing
Deep Metadata Capture Contract Management
CRM Equipment Tracking
Estimating Electronic RFQ & Bid Management
Subcontractor Platform (TeamPlayer) Mobile Platform (FieldShare)
RFI & Submittals Subcontractor Management
Offline Access Vendor Management
No Login for Collaborators Incident Reporting
Meeting Minutes Daily Reports
Time Capture Expense Reporting
Accounting Integrations
Sage 100 Quickbooks Online
Sage 300 CRE Import + Export
Platform Integrations
PlanGrid BIM 360
Levelset Docusign

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Trusted by over 100K RedTeam users and leading companies in the construction industry.

Manage your projects with us now.

The Best Value, Period.

The main component that RedTeam strives to be the best at is complete contract formation fully integrated into the platform. This comes along with metadata tracking for all documents and contracts. There is also no need for collaborators to have their own login information.

Redteam has always been committed to providing the best value in the industry. By offering concurrent license pricing, as well as, single license options our clients maintain a high level of control over the investment they make each year to maintain the best-in-class cloud-based project management platform. Our aggressive pricing is possible based on our careful capital management and well-managed expenses on marketing and office infrastructure.

Everything is Included

At RedTeam we don’t nickel and dime you with modules. You get to use all of our platform, from day one.


Fair and transparent pricing is our philosophy. We understand each business is different so we offer different pricing structures.

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Trusted by over 100K RedTeam Users and leading companies in the Construction Industry.

Manage Your Projects With Us Now.