RedTeam 2020 Wrapup

2020 was a totally normal year… said no one, ever.

This past year did not go as planned for many individuals, and we can all agree that it was filled with many challenges and uncertainties. Despite these challenges we still found great success at RedTeam. We learned a lot and are grateful to take that knowledge into 2021. We are looking forward to helping your construction business thrive in the new year!

Throughout 2020 our team has grown exponentially, with talent spread across the nation. We all learned to adapt to new realities and new challenges together. RedTeam started the year with 54 people and now we’re at 65! Not only have we grown as a company but also as a team. Efficiency, collaboration, and communication helped us achieve our main goal of delivering quality content and services for construction companies.

RedTeam expanded hugely, and our achievements have been viewed and shared across the community. We want to highlight our proudest moments of what we did this past year!

First up, articles! What better way to share our knowledge than a quick read on some of the most prominent topics in the construction industry.

Top 5 Articles

  1. Site Sensors and Construction: Enhancing the Jobsite Ecosystem

The technological landscape of construction sites continues to expand! Technology such as site sensors can track site conditions, increase worker safety, and optimize your business management.

  1. Sagewood Construction Selects RedTeam to Replace Procore

RedTeam Software announced that it had welcomed its newest customer, Sagewood Construction, to the RedTeam family.

  1. Construction Industry Market Outlook: Central Florida

Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and 3D Printed Rockets reflect a healthy Central Florida construction industry.

  1. How Drones Increase Efficiency on Jobsites

Drones are replacing commonly used land-surveillance methods on construction sites. The ability to manage this workflow increases efficiency.

  1. RedTeam Acquires Fieldlens’ Mobile Management Technology

The addition of Fieldlens’ industry-leading plan markup software gives RedTeam an unparalleled suite of technology solutions built only for the construction industry.

At RedTeam, we pride ourselves on delivering quality content from top experts in the industry, covering business development, preconstruction, project management, scheduling, field management, cost control, and more.

Here are our top five videos in our BuilderChat Live web series. If you like these, be sure to check out our other videos!

Top 5 Videos

  1. Daily Reporting with RedTeam

Capture information from the field, create and upload photo reports from your mobile device, and draft a performance overview in a few clicks.

  1. Optimizing Your RFI Process and Workflows

Because of the time-consuming nature of RFIs, it’s important to find ways to expedite the process while creating a cheaper, more efficient experience for project teams.

  1. Discussing Surety Underwriting And Construction Bonding

Learn about Cyber-Security with financials, how they get surety’s to take on a GC, and what happens when something goes wrong on a project.

  1. Learning Key Lessons From Dan Hammons, Director Of Business Development

After being in the industry for 18+ years, Dan Hammons shares valuable advice for other industry leaders.

  1. Construction Management at Risk: Change Orders

Learn who RedTeam is and how we handle Change Orders. Then learn how you can handle change orders in or out of RedTeam.

Another initiative we worked on was putting out free Ebook content. These proved helpful for construction companies working on multiple projects! Check out the most popular Ebooks below.

Top 3 Ebooks

  1. 6 Ways to Market Your Construction Business During COVID

Along with a new normal comes a new way to market your construction business.

  1. 5 Key Tips for Choosing the Right Construction Technology

We want to help you choose the right construction tech for your business.

  1. Optimizing Your RFI Process and Workflows

Discover how to manage RFI logs, reduce the amount of RFIs, and how to improve your RFI practices.

TEAM is Everything

Our team grew A LOT this year, and we’re proud to have a group of amazing people with so much talent to produce great content. RedTeam has expanded its capabilities in offering a construction collaboration platform that seamlessly lets you manage projects on and off the field. 

We’ve achieved our mission in helping contractors have peace of mind, and we can’t wait to achieve that with many more companies in the new year.

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